First of all thank you for purchasing this app. I hope you feel awesome šŸ™‚ If you need any help regarding setup, installation and/or getting started which is beyond the scope of this document, please let me know via tha contact form at


There is no installation process. Unzip the archive you downloaded, double click the Awesome Live Chat application icon and you’re rock n rolling.

For windows, run the application from inside the folder ‘Awesome Live Chat’.


The startup screen will allow you to login as an operator. Provide the home url to your wordpress website, the username of your operator account and the operator password which is the api password you can set atĀ the plugins operatorĀ page.


Initiate a chat

When a visitor requests a chat, you will receive a desktop visual and sound notification. You can also click on the notification to jump right on the chat screen and start chatting.





Messages can be received and sent on the chat screen. You get a visual and sound notification if you’re doing something else.




To end the chat, just hit theĀ  icon on the right side of the chat input.


After you are done with the chat session, click the Send to archives button to archive the chat and have it go away from your screen.