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  1. Head over to, where is the url to your WordPress website.
  2. Browse for and click Install Now.
  3. Activate the plugin.


The first thing you need to do, is to setup one or more departments. You can do that by heading over to the plugin settings page at

Enter the name(s) of the department you wish to create.

add department

To save, either press ctrl+s (on windows) or command+s (on mac) or click the save button.

Following this step, you will need to create and add at least one operator to a department.¬†Let’s see how this is done.


Without an operator, it is sensible to believe that we would not be able to provide support or chat with a visitor coming from the website.

To add an operator, head over to the users admin page at You can either select an existing user to act as an operator or create a new user.

To create a new user, click the Add New button at the top or head over to ¬†Fill in the normal details and choose Chat Operator as the role for this user. You can choose any role and give the user permission to act as an operator later but this role will only allow the user to operate and nothing else. It’s all up to you. Click Add New User at the bottom so that the user is created.

add role

Finally, to add a department, head over to the edit section of a user profile, select the departments at the bottom and click Update User or Update Profile.

select department

At this point, you are all set to initiate a live chat session with your website visitors.

Initiating a chat

If you are an operator, you will be able to head over to the Operator sub menu of Awesome Live Chat in the admin at

Click the chat panel at the bottom right of the screen to open it and listen for visitors. As soon as a visitor is wanting¬†to chat¬†with an operator, you will receive him here. Click on the visitor’s tab that comes up and¬†hit Initiate a chat to¬†start a chat session with the visitor.

To terminate a chat session, click on the icon located at the top right corner of the panel. Make sure the correct visitor is in focus before doing so.


Whenever you or the visitor terminates a chat session, you as an operator may send the chat to the archives. This can be done by clicking the Send to archives link at the bottom of the chat screen.

Head over to the archives tab on the operator’s admin page at to see the archive. From here, you may view chat histories as well as delete them.

Database pruning

At some point, you may want to prune (flush) the chat database containing expired records (removed archives, visitors, departments) or even the entire setup.

You may do so by heading over to the settings page at and clicking on the Prune database button located at the top right corner.

You can not undo a prune so make sure you are certain.


The settings for Awesome Live Chat is explained alongside all the options you may set. Settings may be adjusted at

Below is a summary of the different tabs.

About –¬†You will need to enter your purchase code here to receive future¬†updates.

General –¬†This tab deals with the core adjustments of the plugin.¬†Important options are the Chat Avatar and Chat Icon images.


Mail –¬†Email related options for offline mail and transcript mail may be adjusted here.


Strings – text replacements for buttons, intros, status etc may be done here.


Skin – Adjust overall look and feel of the front-end chat panel here. Including fonts and colors.


CSS – Any custom css rules may be provided here. These will override the default rules.

Javascript – If you need custom script, you may do so here.

Block – Provide ip-addresses of visitors you wish to block.

Socket – If you have bought the server, this is where you can enable and adjust the connection settings.

Factory restore

To restore all settings to their factory defaults, head over to the settings page at and clicking on the Restore to factory button located at the top right corner.

You can not undo a restore so make sure you are certain.